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Seeking Volunteers for Vestry and Deanery Reps

We need THREE volunteers to serve as Vestry members and TWO volunteers to serve as Deanery Representatives.  If you are interested, please contact any vestry member as soon as possible for further information. These positions will be elected at the Annual Parish Meeting.

Annual Parish Meeting - DATE CHANGE February 25, 2024

The Annual Parish Meeting is now scheduled to be held immediately after our Sunday service on February 25th. This will enable the vestry to establish a solid budget proposal and complete all reports for the Annual Parish Meeting Report.

Sunday Coffee Hour


We will be having coffee hour with coffee (or tea) and snacks in Block Hall after the service this Sunday.  We discovered on January 26th that our coffee maker no longer was working and we pursued a solution. The replacement coffee maker was received on February 2nd. Donations to purchase snacks and coffee are also welcome!

Please contact Tony Mei (at SrWarden@stfrancisnovato.org) as soon as possible if you are interested in hosting a coffee hour on February 18h or later.


Our pledges for 2024 are lagging and we are faced with a strong potential for a deficit budget --- especially as we pursue calling a part-time Priest-in-Charge. If you have not made your pledge for this year yet, please contact Tony Mei as soon as possible.

Your commitment to St Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church is very much appreciated! Please leave your pledge card in the collection plate during the collection, leave it in the mail slot at the vicarage, or mail it to the church at 967 Fifth Street, Novato, CA 94945.  If you did not receive a pledge card and wish to make a pledge, please contact Tony Mei at srwarden@stfrancisnovato.org

We are thankful for your continued support and encourage any modest increase to help us address the need for calling a Priest-in-Charge in 2024.



Curious about why our weekly e-newsletter is called The Transitus? The name comes from the most important feast day in the life of St. Francis, his death on October 3 and his entrance into the joy of our God. This is known as the Transitus,  or Journey. Just as Francis was sent into new life, we pray our community worship, events and education help send you into new life - a journey -  as well!

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Covid Precautions

All are encouraged to get the new COVID-19 vaccine that was approved by the FDA and the CDC and has been available locally since the beginning of October. Per the California State, Marin County, and Diocese of California COVID guidelines, worship participants may choose to wear masks or not, and likewise observe social distancing as they are comfortable.  We will also observe the following:

  • Church windows and doors shall remain open for ventilation to lower risk. 
  • Pew seating shall continue to adhere to social-distancing guidelines.
  • Parishioners who feel ill are asked to attend services virtually to keep others safe.